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My name is Andreas, I'm a software developer and I blog about random topics from time to time!

Logitech Lift Review


To set the stage, I’m going to start off with describing my use case and background before I go into my opinions regarding how well the mouse fares. Usage and background I use the mouse exclusively for work, which is 40 hours a week. I tend to try and use the keyboard as much as possible, which means I might not use the mouse as much as the average user. I’m right handed but some years ago I started using mice that were ambidextrous, and while I work I only use the mouse in my left hand.

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Shutting Down Projects


Shutting down a project makes you think about its lifetime. I suppose this is a Post Mortem of sorts, and also a description of the projects journey. The TL;DR is You should take time to think about if a project is giving you joy,if not either shut it down or sell it. My wife and I have ran a homepage between 2017 and 2022, which we choose to shut down since the situation that sprung the project had been resolved and that we no longer had the energy to support it.

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Pi-hole Docker 2022.04.1 Not Loading UI


I’m running Pi-hole in Docker on a Raspberry Pi 4, which I admittedly don’t update as often as I should. Today was the day to update it and I do what I normally do, docker pull pihole/pihole and start up a container based on the new image. Huh? This is taking longer than it normally does.. and sure enough the startup timed out but it seemed to have started up.

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Slack Productivity Tips


I want to improve my use of Slack, so that I can be on top of channels and communication that take place in my company’s workspace. The following tips are some of the ones that I use and I’ve gathered them from exploring Slack as well as from helpful collegues. I went years without changing anything but the color scheme of Slack. I guess that’s a testament to the default setup of Slack.

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Usage Quotas, job artifacts and GitLab Pages


I recently set-up a static homepage that is hosted on GitLab pages, which contains quite a few large images which tallys up to around 170MB and around 30MB when compressed. When a GitLab pipeline is being executed, the artifacts that are produced in each job will be stored and the default expiration time of an artifact is 30 days. GitLab offers a generous usage quota of 10GB per project, which consits of

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Wordpress Export Format


I’ve worked on parsing a WordPress.com xml export file and convert it to markdown and I can’t say that I’m a big fan of the xml format. There are some issues with the format that really bugs me, it makes it tedious to work with the files. It feels a bit like they needed to have an export, to just make put a tick in a box, and not a feature that has been taken care of over time.

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Silver Linings of the Pandemic


The pandemic suck. I say this as a person who live in Sweden, a country that’s had no lockdowns, so I can’t imagine how difficult it must be in a country where there were restrictions that actually affected everyday life. As with almost everything bad, it comes with some good things. Kind of like a parrot eating some seeds, it flies away and drops some seeds wrapped in guano. No one wants to get hit by the stool bomb.

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Electric Scooters


Electric scooters, the hype of the last few years, are taking over the roads and sidewalks for better or worse. I guess this is one of those mandatory posts, like “This is my home office”, for a blog so I highly doubt I’ll add anything new to the conversation but here we go! I’ll try and write down my thoughts, from the perspective of a pedestrian, cyclist and the occasional car driver.

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Becoming a Better Developer


Since becoming a parent, I’ve become a better developer. This sounds like a ridicoulous statement for a couple of reasons; Less sleep. Worse sleep. More responsibilities outside of work. More interruptions during the work day. No free time! Lets try and break these claims down a bit! Obviously the sleeping parts are not doing me any favors, I’m sneaking in naps whenever my kid is sleeping and I got time for it!

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One time boardgames


I’ve long had the opinion that boardgames should be replayable and it just doesn’t make any sense to have a game that you can only play once. My reasoning was based on following arguments; Waste of material High cost per use Games need to be replayable The funny thing is that I never actually played a boardgame that was a one time use, before this game. I have however played pandemic legacy, which is praised by a lot of people, but I didn’t get hooked.

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