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Logitech Lift Review


To set the stage, I’m going to start off with describing my use case and background before I go into my opinions regarding how well the mouse fares.

Usage and background

Reference points

Logitech lift

When I first learned about the mouse I thought the credit card size guide that Logitech was using was a bit amusing, but it turns out that it was a good resource to estimate if this was a mouse for me. I apparently have medium sized hands, about 3 credit cards large.

I opted for the left-handed version since I was going to use it for work. The right-handed version was never in stock when I looked anyway! It was a bit more expensive than the other mice I use but it didn’t discourage me from buying it and it is cheaper than other ergonomic options.

It sits well in my hand and it doesn’t weigh too much. Before I got it I thought it would take some time getting used to an ergonomic mouse, but it was easier than I had imaged.

The angle of the mouse feels more natural to me than the Steelseries Sensei RAW. I guess there is some truth in it being more ergonomic !

I admit that I’m not yet as fast with the cursor as I am with a regular mouse but I think I’m getting up to speed.

I’m a big fan of AA batteries, instead of batteries that are built in and can’t be swapped out when they reach their end of life. Easily accesible, standard format as it should be. The stated battery life is 24 months, which seems almost too good to be true.

I stated before that I only use the mouse for one computer, so I can’t comment on the quality of swapping between machines is. I can only recall that I’ve had one issue with it not working, I’ve had the mouse for two months, and it got resolved by pulling out and then plugging the usb dongle back in again.


I feel like the mouse was a nice addition to my setup; It fits well in my medium sized hands, I imagine that it’s better for my wrist and it removed some clutter from my desk by being wireless.

Should you buy it? If you’re on the hunt for an entry-level ergonomic mouse for small to medium hands, then I think it’s a good choice.

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