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Pi-hole Docker 2022.04.1 Not Loading UI


I’m running Pi-hole in Docker on a Raspberry Pi 4, which I admittedly don’t update as often as I should. Today was the day to update it and I do what I normally do, docker pull pihole/pihole and start up a container based on the new image.

Huh? This is taking longer than it normally does.. and sure enough the startup timed out but it seemed to have started up.

When checking the UI, it was clear that not everything was as it should be in ad-blocking land. The browser couldn’t load assets and the UI was a broken mess and when checking the developer tools I would see entries like ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING 200 (OK).

My debugging consisted of:

Turns out that the images after 2022.02.1 are based on bullseye instead of buster which I was running on my Raspberry Pi. More info can be found here

After installing bullseye on the Raspberry Pi everything is back to normal, and I’ll probably forget to update it for another couple of months again!

P.S. The Raspberry Pi Imager is a VERY convenient tool even though I screwed up and had almost everything setup before I realized I choosed the wrong version. 🙃

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