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Physical Projects


I recently read the book “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport, the gist of the book is to reduce/eliminate the time that you spent wasting on social media and mindlessly watching streaming services.

Another point that is raised in the book is the satisfaction that you achieve by undertaking physical projects. The basis for this statement is that we’ve evolved as a species without digital tools and just having the physical world to alter and play around in.

I agree that there is some sort of contentment in seeing a physical project done that is difficult to beat with a digital project, some programming for example. These kinds of projects could be minor home improvements like putting up a curtain or repairing your bicycle in the spring to get ready for your commute.

In addition to home improvement, I’ve also picked up trying to juggle which is more fun and challenging than it looks!

After reading the book I also noticed that my eagerness to “just” look at the phone has reduced significantly.

I highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to free up more time in your day by cutting away activities that only serve the purpose of the tech giants showing you ads.

Happy reading 📚

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