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Password Manager and Sites


Using strong passwords, backed by a password manager and 2FA is the most sane and secure way of handling accounts.

This is nothing new, we all know this and there are a ton of password managers that can aid you in this.

Adding new accounts to your password manager is easy, since you’ll use your manager to generate a new password. I’m sure almost everyone who have moved to a password manager have:

  1. Realized they have a lot of accounts.
  2. Not finding all their accounts.

The latter is what I’m more interested in and I’ll explain my method of migrating my passwords into my password manager.

Migrating accounts

My initial approach was: As I visit sites and services, update passwords and add them to the password manager.

This has been working out quite nice but it doesn’t handle the long-tail of accounts, the accounts that you infrequently visit or have forgotten that you even had in the first place.

To find these accounts I suggest that you start to search through your email history, to look for emails that contain certain keywords such as:

Using this approach allowed me to find accounts that I had completely forgotten that I had and I could add them to my password manager.

I hope that this post have convinced you to use a password manager and helped you to find accounts you had forgotten about.

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