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Moving From Medium


I decided to get my content exported from Medium as a zip. The zip file contains all your posts and more, but on thing that it lacks are your images. I find it strange that they were not included and is it really a complete export without them?

I wonder what the reason for not including the images are.. 🤔

How I secured my images

The exported zip contains a HTML version of your posts. I opened them up in firefox and in the console I ran:

document.querySelectorAll('img').forEach(img => console.log(img.src + '\t' + img.alt))

I then put the output into a file, files, and looped over the entries to download and name the files.

while read p; do
  url=`echo $p | awk '{print$1}'`
  name=`echo $p | awk '{print$2}'`
  wget -O ${name}.jpg $url
done <files

Reflecting over older posts

A couple of things stood out to me when I reviewed the older articles, I’ve migrated multiple times and that I’ve fiddled with different technologies during my years of writing. I’m not the most frequent writer, but a writer nonetheless.

My blog has migrated from a self-hosted wordpress site, to medium and to gitlab-pages.

The technologies I’ve worked with have changed from PHP, C#, nodejs and now to Java. It’s crazy to think how much can change in 5 years!

I wonder what the next 5 years have in store for me?

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