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840 To Wireless Pro


I decided to splurge, it was Black Friday so it wasn’t that much, on a new pair of headphones; The Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless.

My previous headphones were the Steelseries Siberia 840, and I thought I would write down some differences that I’ve noticed between the two headsets.

I’ve used the 840’s for 3 years, mainly as headphones while gaming and listening to music. I think I’m entitled to have a little write-off!

Build quality

The Pro headphones feels more robust, they’ve replaced a lot of the plastic parts that creeked with metal and canvas (the ski google headband).

The pads around your ears feels a lot better for the Pro’s, they are now canvas instead of faux-lether and the shape have changed from a circle to an oval.

It feels better for my ears and I imagine that the Pro’s will let your ears “breath” a bit if you’re wearing them for a longer session.

Base station ( Transceiver )

Both the 840 and Pro share a similar base station. The the main difference I could spot was the knob. The knob is protruding more on the Pro and it has a large rubberized surface which makes it easier to twist the knob.

Another difference is that the rubber pads on the bottom has changed shape. Not sure if the base station is moving less with this change.

The controls

The two biggest differences I found were the fact the audio level wheel is now rubberized and the mute microphone is now a separate tactile button instead of co-existing with the ON/OFF switch. Good changes in my book.


One thing that plague the 840 is the hizzing white noise, I imagine that it’s less prominant on the Pro’s. I also think the sound is a little bit clearer with the Pro’s, but I’m not an audiophile so don’t take my word on it.

Final thoughts

I think I’ll have to use them for a longer period before I’ll give my verdict, but so far the Pro’s are miles ahead of the 840’s. I’m happy I bought them!

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