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Why does everything need to have LEDs these days?


My mother in law visited and made a comment that she couldn’t sleep in the guest room, normally the office, because of all the lights that were blinking.

This comment made me realize that I too dislike when there are a bunch of LEDs blinking away.

I might be old, but why does hardware have to come with an abundance of LEDs and software to control these lights?

Would the products be cheaper if they didn’t include the lights? The LEDs themselves are dirt cheap, but I do wonder how much work went into the chip that controls the LEDs and the software, in the form of development and maintenance, to interact with that chip from the operating system.

I wonder if there is space in the market for high-end pc parts that don’t have blinking lights included? I truly hope so.

Ways of extinguish the blinking-bonanza

This led, pun intended, me to try and extinguish as many of them as possible.

Methods to turn off leds, that I’ve used:

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