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TI5 Compendium Points


The international is once again here! I must confess that this is the first compendium I’ve bought because I was not into Dota 2 a year ago, but oh boy did that change when I realized that it’s so much more than just a single lane game. Gank rotations, last second shallow grave… To say the least, I was super excited to finally be able to buy the compendium and start leveling it up!

TI5 compendium, increases the prize pool by 25% of each purchase linked to it.The only thing that players might notice is the obvious compendium and is the coins that you can get for completing challenges such as “Destroy Barracks before x time”, “Get x last hits”. These coins can consumed for a single item or for a full set, not for leveling up your compendium… Wait what? Huh? no points?

My goal was to level the compendium myself and then add some extra points by buying them from the store, but it turns that is not a viable option because the way to get points is a bit of a pickle.

How to get compendium points, by playing

Points can be acquired in different ways, predicting invited teams to the tournament and similar predictions. The other way is to play with your friends, yes! But wait, you need to be 5 players in a team to get a measly 35 points and on top of that you have to win. I’m not always playing with a 5 stack of people having compendiums, so that is out of the picture and secondly I don’t win 100% thanks to the MMR, which is a good thing! There are also some random drops after each match, but I’ve seen one point package drop and some coins in about 8–10 games.

How to get compendium points, by wallet

For this one you have to be loaded, time to bring out the wallet and get into spending mode! There are different point packs, ranging from 500 to 2400 points and the most cost efficient way is to buy the level 50 compendium directly since you get a discount. The packs ranging from 500 to 2400 all get gradually cheaper, points / hard earned cash.

What you get

The compendium brings a ton of items and perks such as be able to watch the games inside of the game client, perfect for when you want to see how Admiral Bulldog rats the barracks with Natures Prophet or how to last hit like Ferrari430 with Shadow Fiend. But getting the items is also dependent on your level of the compendium, so if you want all the cool stuff you have to pay.

What can change for the better?

I’ve got some suggestions on how to change the way you get points, without buying them.

  1. Remove the coin reward from challenges and replace them with points, or make them reward both currencies.
  2. More challenges that contribute to the team play, or based on personal previous stats.
  3. Get more than your average assists or gain more last hits in the first 10 minutes than you normally would on a certain hero.
  4. Remove the requirement for all 5 people in a team to have the compendium, to be able to get the victory points. It should based on your compendium only, 35 points perhaps.
  5. Give out a bit more random point drops in matches and replace, make it rain.
  6. Introduce Hero Challenge, win a match with hero x.
  7. Win with all heroes in a pool of x heroes.
  8. Multiple pools based on hero roles.
  9. If all players in a match have the compendium, grant points to all of them and a bonus for the winner. Let’s say 25 for all and a 35 bonus for the winning team.

Final thoughts

The compendium is a great idea that gives a lot of value even at level 1, the ability to watch games and cosmetic items are fun but if you want more than just the baseline stuff you have to invest a lot of money and/or time. I’ve invested some money in it, but I’m a bit disappointed that it was not advertised just how hard it actually is to get points just by playing. I’m for sure going to have a lot of fun watching The International this year and I hope that some of these changes that I mentioned can be patched in to it before we all go mad.

I hope that we’ll see some changes in the way of earning points during the tournament.


Valve have now updated the compendium and created some new ways in getting points via Recycling and hero challenges. Thanks Valve!

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