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Electric Scooters


Electric scooters, the hype of the last few years, are taking over the roads and sidewalks for better or worse. I guess this is one of those mandatory posts, like “This is my home office”, for a blog so I highly doubt I’ll add anything new to the conversation but here we go!

I’ll try and write down my thoughts, from the perspective of a pedestrian, cyclist and the occasional car driver. I’m don’t own and neither have I rented a scooter, therefore I suspect that my opinions are biased against these vehicles but I’m trying to keep an open mind.

There are however a couple of aspects that I really like with these vehicles

The bad

There are of course problems with these vehicles, I’m sure the list could be made a lot longer but I’ll try and cap it.

I was recently very close to hitting one of these vehicles, and not because its driver was throwing themselves into the traffic, but because they had chosen the most convenient parking spot in their mind; in the middle of the road.


These vehicles are convenient but personally I believe that they are a net negative. Good old fashion bikes are cheap, better for the environment and as a added benefit also good for your health.

How many of the negative points would have to change for it to be a net neutral experience for me, as a non rider?

I feel that these points are needed to keep these vehicles on our roads and pavements, and for me it might just be enough to reach net neutral.

In the end I think these vehicles are unnecessary and I suggest a good old fashion bike instead. You can pick one up for a low price, you’ll learn how to take care of things and you’ll get some free exercise!

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